We began our study of the topic of faith.  Today was more of a conversational lesson.  Our music leader was absent due to illness, so no song was sung.  We did discuss faith in general and how there is not a lot of tangibles when it comes to faith. We said that faith is trust or confidence in something or someone based on spiritual belief without proof.  Janelle gave a testimony.  She said that she was raised in the church but had moved away from it a bit.  Then she visited a church one day and the Lord gave her a message for that church that there was "too much confusion" in the church.  She came week after week and gave them the word that the Lord gave her for them.  A young man was so moved he jumped "nearly to the ceiling".  There was a great movement of the Holy Spirit in the church.  The pastor told her to "stop running from God and do gods will and become a pastor".  She also saw a vision of Heaven and was told that when she gives her problems to the Lord, she must leave it there.